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Committees assist the Board of Directors in recommending decisions related to the specific topic of the committee. If you have an interest in serving on any committee(s), please contact the Membership Chairperson.


  • Nominating (Immediate Past President) - Responsible for nomination of the Officers and members of the Board to the general membership for action at the general membership meeting.

Chair Sharlette Wright

  • Membership (Secretary) - Responsible for recruiting, screening, and classification of new applicants for membership. In addition, the membership chair will assist each committee chairperson in recruiting and selecting committee members and maintain a roster of all committees and their members.

Chair Jeff Bilyeu

  • Public Relations (Board Member)- Responsible for generating industry goodwill for the Council and its ideals with groups of people who can affect its present or future welfare. This includes hosting events and developing and maintaining various publications, websites, social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and media releases.
    Co-Chair Robert Lee

    Co-Chair Lisa Perry

    • Bylaws (Vice President)- Responsible for interpreting, reviewing, and recommending changes and/or amendments to the Council Bylaws and Constitution.
    Chair Joel Jenkinson
    • Legislative (Board Member)- Responsible for providing the Council with details of pending state and federal legislation and shall advise the Board of recommendations for action concerning any item of legislation on which the Council should adopt a position
      Chair Gary Davis
    • Professional Development & Scholarship (Board Member) - Responsible for promoting the education and development of the membership and seeking candidates, processing applications, and recommending recipients for TAC scholarships to the Board for consideration.
        Chair Trent Ballard
      • Sponsorship (Corporate Director) - Responsible for securing and management of sponsorships for all TAC conferences and events. The committee will coordinate programs, conference registration, and conference exhibits.
          Chair Mitchell McAnally
          • Ethics (Vice President) - Responsible for investigating, under rules of procedures and practice as prescribed by the Board, into any complaint pertaining to breach of ethics by any member. The Ethics Committee shall provide a report to the Board at such time as the Committee may have a complaint

            Chair Joel Jenkinson


            • Corporate (Corporate) - Responsible for coordinating organization improvements, enhancements, etc., relative to the Corporate membership and sharing consensus with the Board.

            Chair Mitchell McAnally

            • Associate (Associate) - Responsible for coordinating organization improvements, enhancements, etc., relative to the Associate membership and sharing consensus with the Board.

            Chair Megan McLellan

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