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Promote general aviation in Texas and provide assistance through education and the collective exchange of ideas, methods, information and experience of the membership.


The Texas Airports Council is an organization of airport and aviation professionals striving to promote aeronautics and aviation education, the safety, security and development of Texas airports, and an understanding of the value of General Aviation among federal, state and local leaders and elected officials through aggressively marketing and participation in state aviation venues.

This organization represents professionals in the general aviation industry throughout Texas. The Texas Airports Council (TAC) is a legally incorporated non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and well being of airports in the State of Texas. TAC represents over 300 airports in the Texas Airport System consisting of 26 commercial service airports and 274 general aviation airports. The Texas Airport System is the second largest in the nation with five of the nation’s top 50 airports for itinerant General Aviation Aircraft. There are over 27,000 general aviation aircraft registered in the State of Texas. The economic contribution of these airports is greater than the gross national product of some countries. Texas airports employ 56,600 with a total payroll of $1.9 billion dollars and a total economic output of $5.9 billion. Texas airports are a driving force for the economy of Texas and its communities.

TAC seeks to work with all communities to maximize the economic contribution of their airports and to insure through legislative activities that adequate funding is in place to continue to maintain and improve Texas airports.

The Texas Airports Council (TAC) is dedicated to promoting all airports in the State of Texas. We also help promote and educate about the economic benefits of airports in local communities within the State of Texas. The TAC represents member airports in matters that may affect their operations, economic benefits or standing in the community. Here at TAC we also help with legislative efforts to insure the operational and economic stability of airports in Texas.

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